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Book of the Month: The Book of Chakra Healing by Lisa Simpson

Therapist’s Pick/Book of the Month

Therapist: Dawn Krull MA, MS, TLLP

Theme: Spirituality, Alternative Healing Practices


The Book of Chakra Healing is a great beginner guide to the Indian system of chakras. Chakras are often thought of as spinning centers of energy that can affect health and wellbeing. This book is colorful, bright, simple, and to the point. It not only goes over the 7 chakras, but also explains balancing, correspondences, and energies. The text is accompanied by beautiful graphics, art, and charts. At less than 150 pages and relatively inexpensive, it is a great way to expand your knowledge base and explore ancient techniques.


Simpson, Lisa (2013). The Book of Chakra Healing (Revised ed.). New York, NY: Sterling Ethos

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