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How To Give A Shit About Something (When You Don’t Care About Anything) by Rosie L

How To Give A Shit About Something (When You Don’t Care About Anything)

by: Rosie L

This post is in answer to a question I received by email: how does one find a way to care about something when you don’t care about anything?

Apathy might be my least favourite feeling

Except, it’s not even a feeling. It’s more a lack of feeling. A total ambivalence that sinks into your bones and leaves you disengaged from everything.

We all get days like this. Days when you just don’t care. You’re late to work and don’t care. You snap at people or ignore them or respond in monosyllables. You forget important things and it doesn’t bother you. You neglect your health and well being, maybe find it hard to care for those who depend on you. You can’t engage with anything. The world feels grey and empty.

It’s one thing to be apathetic about certain areas of your life. You can’t care about everything, all the time. But what happens when you really don’t care about anything? When nothing feels important? When you’re endlessly listless with no clue how to break through, or even much desire to do so?

I’ve been there. Many times. Recently, I found myself needing to make a few big life choices, and complete a bunch of complicated tasks requiring above -normal confidence and planning. It was a lot at once. Too much.

Most of the time, I thrive under the pressure of that sort of situation. Not this time. Overwhelmed, I sunk into a dangerous fog of apathy and lost the will to take any action. Worse, I couldn’t bring myself to feel concerned about that state of affairs. As I always write about whatever I’m struggling with, here we go.

If you’re reading this, you at the very least care that you don’t care, even if it’s just a tiny bit. Even if you’re, right now, thinking yeah but I don’t care that I don’t care, I’m just reading this to confirm that I don’t care. I think you still care. And I care, so there’s that.

Motivation is a strange, possibly mythological creature

You can’t force it or hack it or trick yourself. It’s finite and runs out in little time. Yet when we want to do something enough, we’re amazing at getting it done.

That doesn’t mean all that bullshit about manifestation and anything being possible if you try hard enough is true. It’s not. Not everything is possible and not everyone gets equal chances.

But let’s not underestimate the magical effects of giving a shit.

If you want to do something enough, the motivation carries you through whatever it takes to do it (or at least get as close as possible), overriding fear and shame and embarrassment and confusion.

You just do it.

But the urge is strong enough that you don’t doubt the existence of steps that work. You don’t doubt the goal, you just follow it.

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